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An insider breaks down the MSU Denver kiosk

Jonathan Ramsey

Advertising Executive | Kiosk Coordinator

Here on the Auraria Campus, it often feels like we are perched in the perfect location. If I step outside our office in the historic Tivoli building, I’m in the shadow of downtown Denver’s dynamic skyline. With a swivel, I can soak in a sweeping view of the Rocky Mountains.

It can be a lot to take in, especially for this Indiana native. One of our goals at MSU Denver Student Media is to provide the student body with information about useful resources. A new addition to this list is the interactive kiosk in the Student Success Building. This touch-screen system has a home on the first floor of the busy Student Success Building. It’s a one-stop shop for students seeking information – from class schedules, to campus maps, to local attractions.

MSU Denver’s interactive, touch-screen kiosk can be accessed from its home on the first floor of the busy Student Success Building. Photo credit: Mike Fabricius

As the kiosk coordinator, I admit I am a little bias, but this is an honest report: the kiosk has a lot to offer to campus commuters – from students (prospective and current) to staff and faculty to Denver business owners. Here’s my insider breakdown of the kiosk’s best features:

  • Information is separated into two areas: Campus and Discover Denver.
  • Tapping on the Campus tab will take you to a new menu that gives you easy access to various resources around campus. This includes location of academic offices and comprehensive lists, from student organizations to student activities. My favorite feature on the Campus side is the tab that allows you to enter a class CRN to pinpoint the building and room where the class convenes.
  • Tapping on the “Denver” tab will open up a custom directory of the Denver metro area. This includes restaurants, ski and snowboarding runs and tons of other entertainment options. As a non-native, using the Denver side of the kiosk made me hyper-aware of just how lucky I am to work and study on such a diverse, urban campus.
  • I like to describe the kiosk to business owners as an affordable digital billboard in a high traffic area. The Student Success Building is the first structure on the Auraria Campus exclusively devoted to MSU Denver students. All essential enrollment services are now under one roof, from Financial Aid to the Registrar’s office. During peak times, we guess that 150-200 students travel through the building per day. There are a couple ways for businesses to get their messages to students through the kiosk. I’m happy to be the first to introduce (in this blog) our plan for “Rowdy Bucks.” This will be a special section on the Discover Denver side of the kiosk. Here, business owners can offer MSU Denver students exclusive discounts, which our office will also promote through social media. Businesses can also purchase full screen kiosk ads. Essentially, these ads work like a screen saver, flashing across the kiosk when it’s not in use. And last but not least, businesses can be added to the Discover Denver directory.

If you are a student and haven’t used the kiosk yet, check it out. If you operate a business, especially in our LoDo backyard, we invite you to do the same. As the Student Media resident expert, I’d be happy to answer any questions. You can reach me via email at or drop a line to

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