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Back from heartbreak


Before Sunday afternoon turned into the big letdown, I had this blog entry all mapped out as part rant about The Denver Post’s uneven coverage of Metro’s assuredly title-bound men’s basketball team, part frustration with the Post’s season-long reluctance to include in its radio/TV listings, plus a little praise for the university, which paid […]

The life and legacy of Kate Lutrey


Servant, friend, mentor, listener, advocate, teacher, partner, mother, grandmother, sister, believer. None of these words is exceptional by itself, but together they weave the fabric of the unforgettable Kate Lutrey. I wish I had known her longer and better. Kate fought cancer to a draw for 13 years. She didn’t lose the battle so much as […]

Three years without the Rocky


I choose to embrace the positive. Three years ago today, on Feb. 27, 2009, the Rocky Mountain News published its last edition, and thousands of lives were unalterably changed. My newspaper career ended that day, but my life did not. While I’m sad for those former co-workers who are still searching for satisfactory employment, I […]

Quest for excellence


At Metro State Student Media, spring is known as awards time. Metro’s student journalists and broadcasters hope to be honored on a national scale for writing, reporting, photography and design in print, television and radio. Winning makes all the work to compile and submit articles, photos and MP3s more than worthwhile. Nominations alone communicate the […]