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Get Rowdy “Gangnam Style”

Eric Niehoff

Advertising Manager

On the first day of my multicultural marketing class, my professor started by showing a YouTube video from a Korean performer singing a catchy tune. The video was already a viral hit with close to 70 million views, but that was just the beginning. A week later, we were shown a parody video created at Oregon University starring their mascot, a duck. My professor made a comment, suggesting someone here should follow that university’s lead. Today, dozens of parodies have flooded the Internet. You can even hear “Gangnam Style” on the radio in Denver.

The advertising staff of Metro Student Media couldn’t resist the temptation to make our own parody. What would be funnier than Rowdy the Roadrunner starring in a music video, right? We set out recruiting others to help produce it, relying heavily on the New Student Orientation department. Although a few of us had experience making videos, none of us had made a music video before.

Sometimes, a camera angle requires a little creative problem solving. Pictured are Henry Duong, of MSU Denver New Student Orientation, and JR Ramsey, of Student Media.

One of the key differences between a stationary shot video and one like this is that each scene is broken up into parts and only five to 15 second clips are shown at a time. Our parody video quickly moves from one image to another and the footage matches the song. This required perfect timing and the coordination of multiple shots. We had to scout locations and choreograph dance moves. Many of the dancers we recruited had very little time to practice, but we managed to put it all together. It took three days to film. As the project came to a close, many of us were exhausted from the heavy filming schedule, but the anticipation of the final product kept us motivated.

We couldn’t be happier with the video. Let us know what you think.

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