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Halloween through the ages

Jonathan Ramsey

Advertising Executive | Kiosk Coordinator

Everyone has a favorite Halloween costume. As a fan of the sitcom “Friends,” my personal favorite is Chandler’s bunny costume. Something about a grown man dressed head to toe in a pink bunny suit gets me every time.

Among the college crowd, Halloween is an anticipated annual event; it doesn’t seem to matter that we’ve moved from childhood to adulthood. Dressing up hasn’t lost its appeal. It got me wondering: where did it all begin?

The practice of wearing a Halloween costume has its roots in the ancient Celtic New Year’s Eve holiday of Samhain, according to Over 2,000 years ago, the Celts’ costumes were made out of animal skins and worn as part of a ritualistic celebration that included giant bonfires and fortune telling. Over time, the Romans and the Catholic Church adopted the practice of wearing costumes to celebrate various autumn holidays. During the mid-1800s, the tradition gained traction in America as Halloween. It evolved into a more community-based event through the early 20th century, setting the stage for trick-or-treating and costume parties to become ingrained in our cultural landscape. Today, costumes are the highlight of the holiday. I know some people who plan what they’ll wear months in advance – like my friend who has his heart set on dressing as a zombie Stormtrooper.

Here at Student Media, we love Halloween so much that we’ve launched a costume contest. To enter, submit a photo of yourself in your Halloween costume on any Student Media Facebook page or email photos to The winner will be featured in The Metropolitan student newspaper and win a pair of tickets to The Frightmare Compound.

What is the best costume you have either seen or worn? Leave a comment and let me know. Most importantly, have a great Halloween!

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