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Meet MetList, online classifieds made for Auraria

Student Media Staff

You tear through notebooks, scrambling to remember lectures as best you can.

You rush from classroom to classroom.

You gulp lattes as you cram for finals.

In between, it’s easy to forget the big picture — the fact that you are part of a community, defined by Webster’s as people with common interests inhabiting a particular area. Our community is made up of nearly 50,000 students from all walks of life. We form the largest campus in Colorado. Through our desire to learn, we are united. MSU Denver Student Media — whether or not you’re familiar with our multimedia work — exists to serve the Auraria community. So, we’re excited to introduce our latest effort, MetList.

MetList is a free online classifieds service and message board. We hope it will grow into a central information hub and a tool that connects individuals across the campus.

Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 11.05.21 AM

MetList is a free online classifieds service for Auraria students, faculty and staff. MSU Denver Student Media launched the service in March.

So with a billion ways to buy and sell over the Internet, why should you use MetList? Because it’s made for you. Our list is separated into 16 categories crafted with you in mind (announcements, autos, books, electronics, employment, entertainment, events, free stuff, furniture, housing, lost n’ found, merchandise, pets, recreation, services and travel). Many of these categories contain subcategories that are especially relevant to our community (rideshares, sublets, graduation announcements, textbooks).

We imagine you finding the textbook you need at an amazing price on MetList, and arranging to pick it up from a fellow student in the Tivoli on your lunch break. We imagine you discovering an amazing summer internship, then subletting your apartment on MetList and returning worry-free in the fall. In other words, we want MetList to match the needs of our community. Let’s face it, those cork-boards on campus are information graveyards, full of expired fliers and buried messages.

You should also know, MetList isn’t just for buying and selling stuff. Want to find out what’s going on in Denver, or what to do during that break between classes? Head over to the events listings to finalize your Friday night plans. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be reunited at a poetry slam with that guy who sold you his scooter via MetList and find everlasting love.

metlist-stuffWe do recommend you use common sense and caution on MetList, just as you would if you were using any online classifieds service. For instance, pair up with a friend when meeting a seller or showing a sublet. Safeguard your personal information (like your address). For a helpful list of digital safety tips, visit

Nothing speaks for MetList like MetList itself. Please explore And remember, MetList is made for you. Don’t be shy to send us feedback. Should we add a category? Nix a category? Change the layout? Send your thoughts and suggestions to or call us at 303-556-2507.

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