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Passing the torch

Eric Niehoff

Advertising Manager

The past year and a half has been one of the most memorable work experiences of my life.  I have learned a great deal about TV, radio and newspaper media.  We had fun along the way making video parodies, writing blogs and running social media-based contests.  Now, as I pass the torch as the advertising manager at Student Media, I feel it’s important to introduce the new advertising team.


Ben Tarver

Ben Tarver will be replacing me as the student ad manager.  He has a great background in sales and a natural ability to diffuse disagreements among others.  I feel confident that Ben will lead this team to new heights.  An avid soccer fan and former player, he knows how to build excitement.  Also, after spending years in South America, he is a great addition for customers who need a bilingual contact.


Erica Barkley

Erica Barkley is also new to the team.  She brings a wealth of experience in media ad sales.  As a veteran of Westword and other publications, she understands the importance of building relationships with clients.  She is eager to build up the clientele for our office and has quickly established herself as a creative thinker by integrating approaches to existing and potential customers.


Colby Allen

Colby Allen is a sports marketing major who has years of sales experience working for Nike.  He is a huge sports fan.  It even pours over into his extracurricular activities, including coaching middle school- and elementary school-aged children.

This is a cohesive unit with a great deal of fresh ideas that will benefit current and prospective advertisers.  I’m confident that they will continue to build the MSU Denver Student Media brand and open new marketing opportunities for local businesses.

As I move on to new professional opportunities, I wanted to send my thanks to all the great people who’ve been such fantastic clients and friends. Your interest in Student Media is as much about  moral support as it is financial. It’s our goal to give you high value by producing consistently high-quality media products. Thank you for being our partners.

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