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Places to park your backpack during midterms

Jonathan Ramsey

Advertising Executive | Kiosk Coordinator

It’s every student’s favorite time of the semester! Midterms! (What? You thought I was going to say Spring Break?)

In recognition of the extraordinary amount of time we’ll spend studying this week, I’d like to share my favorite places to study around Denver.

Einstein’s Bagels: Auraria Campus
Historic Ninth Street
The upstairs study area is nice and secluded (provided you get there early enough to grab a table). This is an especially great place to go if you are trying to cram right before a test since it is a short walking distance from most Auraria classrooms. The ability to walk downstairs and refill your coffee as often as you need is also a nice perk.

Stella’s Coffeehaus
1476 S. Pearl St.

Stella's is a popular study spot on historic South Pearl Street. Photo Credit:

Stella’s is a popular study spot on historic South Pearl Street. Photo Credit:

Nestled away on historic Pearl Street, Stella’s offers a great environment to study in along with some of the best latte art in town. My favorite perk though is the fact that they stay open until 11 p.m., which means you have plenty of time to study. The only bad thing about Stella’s  — it’s no secret. That means finding a place to sit can be a bit of a challenge.

Common Grounds: Highlands | LoDo
3484 W. 32nd Ave.
1550 17th St.

One great coffee shop, two distinct locations. The Highlands Common Grounds is the original, so it’s my personal favorite. No worries, though, The LoDo location is equally good and closer to campus. If you don’t want to venture too far afield, this is the location for you. They also have convenient late hours to accommodate the demanding schedule of a college student. A move from the Highlands to the Sunnyside neighborhood is in the works this spring, so GPS it before you head out.

Fireside Books and Coffee
410 W. Hampden Ave.

Fireside Books and Coffee is a little gem on 410 W. Hampden Ave. in Englewood, Colo.

Fireside Books and Coffee is a gem on 410 W. Hampden Ave. in Englewood, Colo. Photo Credit: Fireside Facebook

Just a few blocks from the Englewood Light Rail station on Hampden, this is a cozy place where you can study for hours. They stay open until midnight. Book lovers can easily procrastinate for several hours in Fireside’s seemingly endless library.

Where will you power through midterms?

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