5 Good Reasons You Can Consider Python in 2021

Python is one of the most demanded programming languages mainly because of its simplicity, versatility, and flexibility. The growing application and demand for artificial intelligence and machine learning have boosted the demand for Python developers. Created by Guido van Rossum in 1995, the language is different from other options because of its frequent usage of English keywords instead of punctuation.

Python also has fewer syntactical constructions making it highly suitable for functional and structured programming. The language is highly useful for building web services of varied sizes besides supporting other programming languages.

Here are some good reasons to join a Python online course in 2021:

  • Easy to Learn – The language has a simple code thereby making it highly suitable for beginners. Python is a free and open-source language that can be used as a scripting language as well as be compiled to byte-code for building large applications. Python programming also supports automatic garbage collection. The language can also be used for scripting wherein the code is written in the form of scripts and gets executed. This code is read and interpreted by the machine and can be used multiple times.
  • Interpretable – Python codes are easily interpretable, and users can directly run the program without converting the data into machine language before executing it.
  • Portable and Extensible – Python has been designed in such a way that users can perform cross-language operations easily. The language is supported by all types of platforms including Windows, Linux, Macintosh, Solaris, and Play Station and can easily be integrated with other languages like C, C++, COM, CORBA and Java. Some examples of Python’s integration with other languages are Jython which combines Python with Java, and RubyPython wherein Python has been integrated with C.
  • Suitable for Website Development Python basic programs teach you about the language’s array of frameworks that can be used to develop websites. Frameworks like Django, Pylons and Flask are written in Python and speed up content management, database access, profiling, error tracking and other crucial processes in web application and internet development. The knowledge of Python also allows users to perform web scraping which means extracting or retrieving data from different web sources and making it valuable Web scrapers are highly useful for machine learning projects, SEO ranking, marketing and sales campaigns, data retrieval and e-commerce data collection.
  • Suitable for Testing Products and Ideas – Python is highly suitable for validating ideas and products. The language comes with several in-built testing frameworks that aid in debugging and workflows. The popularity of the language ensures the availability of several tools and modules to support testing with cross-platform and cross-browser.
  • Useful for Computer Graphics and Animation – This programing language is used to build GUI and desktop applications besides developing games.

Python certification offers immense benefits people who wish to make their career in programming. But before you pay your Python course fees, do check the contents and ensure that you have the basic understating of any of the programming languages.

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