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Plants are the only living thing on this planet which can synthesize their own food and are the source of food for many living organisms. Plants are nature’s gift to humans. Without plants, there would be no life existing on this planet. They play an important role, as there are many living species, including humans, are almost depended on the plants for all their daily needs. Apart from these, plants also protect our environment as they play an important role in soil erosion, contributes to global warming, balances oxygen and carbon level in the atmosphere and lot more.

There are many more interesting facts and other information related to plants. Let us know some of them in this article.


There are about 3 -4 lakhs of different varieties of plants species and few of them are classified into different groups based on their several factors including their life span, growing habitat, mode of nutrition, vascular and non-vascular plants, types of root systems- Dicot and monocot root, types of shoot systems- Dicot and monocot stem, flowering and non-flowering plants, Dicot and monocot seeds, etc.


Transportation is one of the vital processes in all plants. Higher plants have well-developed system mainly designed for transporting water, nutrients, minerals, and other gases throughout the plants for their survival and other life processes.


Pollination is the process of transferring pollen grains from one part to another part of the flower of the same plant or a different plant. There are different types of pollination and the pollinating agents include air, water, birds, animals which are involved in transferring the pollen grains. This is the mode of reproduction carried out in all flowering plants.


Unlike humans and other vertebrates, plants also undergo the excretion process. During the process of photosynthesis, oxygen is liberated out the planet cell as the excretory product. Plants eliminate the excess amount of water in the form of water droplets through the stomata.


Photosynthesis is the biological process which is carried out in all green plants. This process differs among plants, mainly based on their living conditions. C3, C4, and CAM are the three important types of photosynthesis. There are many differences between c3 and c4 plants and are differentiated based on the several criteria including the structure of the leaf, type of carbon dioxide acceptor, efficiency of light, etc.

These were some interesting facts and information related to plants and their life processes. There is more interesting information, which we all are unaware of it.

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