Helping Your Child Prepare For Their Exams

One of the most stressful events in your child’s life is the exams they sit, and whether it is GCSEs or A-levels, as a parent, you will want to do everything you can to help them. We cannot take the exam for them, but we can help them prepare for it, and there are many things we can do as parents. If your child is getting ready to sit their exams soon and you want to give them the best chance of success, below are some tips for you and your child so you can work together and ensure they are sufficiently prepared.

Make A Study Timetable

One of the first things your child will want to do is create a study timetable themselves to help them plan their studying. Have them list out a weekly study plan that highlights what parts of their syllabus they will revise that week and have them set goals to assess their readiness. As a parent, we can help with this aspect, but your child should do this themselves, so we may need to find a way to motivate them, and you can click here to get some ideas on how to do this.

Get Them Some Extra Help

Your child may also benefit from some extra tuition that can help them to pass their exams. You can enrol them in an A-Level maths revision course to help them revise what they need to know and ensure they are prepared for their exams. You can consider plenty of online courses for your child, which means you do not have to take them to the class as they do them remotely online. You can also consider looking for a tutor in your local area to help them with their studies. If your funds are limited, you can always teach yourself what they are learning and do your best to assist them if you feel confident enough to.

Offer Them Some Rewards As An Incentive

When your child is diligently preparing themselves for their exams, it is also an excellent idea to offer them rewards along the way to keep them motivated. Every child is different, so you will want to offer them something they like as a way of praising and rewarding them for their hard work. It can be simple, such as cooking their favourite meal for them once they reach their weekly study goal or taking them to the movies. You can also consider offering them a more significant reward if they do well in their exams, such as a holiday or money towards getting them a car. Find whatever motivates your child and exploit it to encourage them to study hard and prepare for their exams accordingly.

We need to find positive ways of encouraging our children to prepare for the exams correctly and try and refrain from shouting and moaning at them. Our children are under enough pressure without us adding to it, so find what works to motivate your child and put the information to excellent use to encourage them with their studies.

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