Many students have a dream college. When they dream about college, they also dream about life away from home. When you start college, it is the first step towards adulthood for many. Living alone is definitely one of the ways which enable us to think of ourselves as an adult. As much as one might be excited about moving away and having a fresh start, it can also be an overwhelming experience. You need a home away from home. Someplace which provides you with all the comforts so that living away from home seems less daunting. The Arc Winnipeg aims to do just that. It is a luxury student residence that has been designed keeping in mind that most students are living away from home for the very first time. Here is what makes them stand out and a leading choice amongst students.

Prime Location

 The ideal student residency should be located close to the college. Living far away means you have to commute to college every day. The thought of that can be exhausting for many students. Especially when you have had late nights of working in, getting to classes can be a hassle. When college is right across the street, you know you will make it in time for your classes. The Arc is located right across the street from the University of Manitoba. There is also a Bus stop right in front of the building, making commutation easier. Apart from that, there are also some great restaurants nearby. The location of The Arc is a perfect fit for student life.

Community Assistants

It is just not parents who worry about this but also young adults who are starting off on their own. The most common concern is how will you manage when a crisis happens? What will you do when there is a power issue? The Arc was designed keeping these issues in mind. It understands that the thoughts of possible issues can cause anxiety in new students. To address that, they decided to form community assistants. These assistants are students who help the other tenants with anything they require. Suppose there is a power outage in your room, all you have to do is reach out to them and they will help you. When you know help is just a call away, it will make settling in easier and less anxiety-provoking.

Best in class Amenities

Amenities provided by the Residency is what help them to stand out. Especially when they have been designed around the requirements of student life, you know you are bound to be comfortable. The Arc provides high-speed WiFi. The WiFi is included in your rent. Apart from that, there is a fitness centre, a business lounge and a study centre. There is also a table in your room, in case you want to study. The amenities have been picked out so that the students can concentrate on their education. For daily relaxation, there is also a SmartTV in every room.

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