Providing Top-Tier Education for Your Child in Bangkok

As a sprawling megacity of some twelve million people, Bangkok has almost 100 international schools. Finding a school that suits your child can be a challenge. All parents strive to give their children the best start in life, and setting their child up with the best education their money can buy is arguably the best way to give your child a jump-start.

Are you Relocating to Thailand? What to Know About Education Before You Arrive

It’s essential to think about the type of school you wish to send your child to. Consider what is important to you as a family and the type of curriculum you would like your child to study. Consider also that not all schools will accept every child; Some schools only accept students from, say a particular country, as they offer curricula that align explicitly to that country.

Be sure to search around if you want to find the best international school in Bangkok. Some schools are religious establishments, meaning parents have to have an affiliation with a specific religion for their child to be accepted.

Some schools specialise in different fields, such as:

  • Sports – Many campuses around Bangkok have incredible sports facilities to rival any school on Earth.
  • Arts – With a thriving art and entertainment scene in BKK, many schools specialise in providing arts-based curricula.
  • English language – As English is the ‘global language’ of today, many schools focus purely on English language skills, ensuring students are competent enough to be accepted into top universities around the world.

Location of International Schools – Beat the Traffic To Save Your Sanity

Bangkok is big. Very big. Traffic is among the most congested in the world, and it can take up to an hour to travel 1 mile during Friday rush-hour. There is a joke among Bangkokians: it is not a rush-hour, but rush-hours – 4 pm-9 pm 5 days per week, with a slight let up on the weekends and national holidays!

Because of this, location is of the utmost importance when choosing a school for your child. Living close to work or school is highly advisable as it can save hours of traffic jams and frustration.

Public transport in Bangkok is improving every year and currently offers:

  • BTS – The world-famous SkyTrain. Two independent train lines that cover the main city centre and the CBD.
  • MRT – The subway that moves commuters around an alternative route downtown.
  • Bus – Don’t even bother – While super cheap, it takes an age during rush hours.
  • River/canal taxi – Still usually busy but offers a respite from the noise and pollution of the roads.

With the right amount of research and a bit of luck, you can secure your dream apartment and school in Bangkok.

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