The Digital Landscape Of College Search

With such a preference for digital content when it comes to seeking information, it’s understandable that the college search process for incoming students has become an almost entirely digital process. Students are able to find college related content on the most popular social media apps that they use on a daily basis, not just these institutions’ websites. This is in part because these institutions are creating these theme-focused bits for these potential students to see. Within the short and to the point videos, potential students can learn about these institutions without having to leave their favorite apps. Some colleges have even gone as far as utilizing recent graduates to create this content and make it as authentic as possible. It’s easy to see why incoming students might want the testimonies of past students rather than actors for a particular college, but not every institution is capable of coming up with original ideas such as this one. For more information on how your institution can more meaningfully create the content that will connect to the right students, please see the resource accompanying this post.

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