Top 11 Ultimate Social Media Marketing Tools for Agencies

Introduction: What are the 12 Ultimate Social Media Marketing Tools for Agencies?

The best social media marketing tools are those that are easy to use and provide an accurate overview of the social media landscape. These tools also offer useful analytics and insights on how well your company is doing in terms of engagement, growth, and more. Social Media Marketing is part of the Digital marketing field. If you are fascinated enough about the digital world.

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The best social media marketing tools are those that are easy to use, effective, and efficient. They should also be scalable so that they can grow with the business.

The 11 Ultimate Social Media Marketing Tools for Team and Agencies are:

1)Social Pilot                       2) Buffer

3) Buzzsumo                       4) Keyhole

5) Audiense                          6)Brandwatch

7)Upfluence                         8) NinjaOutreach

9)Canva                                10) Poster on my wall


Social media Post Scheduling Tools

Post scheduling tools are a great way to save time and stay on top of your social media marketing. With these tools, you can organize and schedule all your post ideas in a single place. This helps you keep track of your social media marketing progress.

There are many useful post scheduling tools out there, but most providers will have some limitations or restrictions on what their free plans offer. So before you decide to purchase anything, make sure that the tool fits your needs and budget

1) Social Pilot

Img source: Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a social media management tool that helps you get the most out of your social media marketing. It provides an easy-to-use interface, which allows you to manage multiple accounts simultaneously and schedule posts to be published in advance. Social Pilot also offers analytics and reporting tools so that you can track your performance, analyze what works and what doesn’t, and make adjustments accordingly.

Social Pilot is not just for beginners; it also has advanced features for experienced marketers who want to take their campaigns to the next level with automation, custom scheduling, and more.

Price: $35 for 1 user

Free Trial: 14 Day


Img source: Buffer

Buffer is a social media automation tool. The company was founded in 2009 by Joel Gascoigne and Leo Widrich. Buffer has been able to grow to over 40 million users in just a few years.

Buffer was founded in 2009 and has grown to over 40 million users in just a few years!

Buffer is an automation tool that allows you to schedule posts across all of your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more. With the Buffer app for iOS or Android devices, you can use the service on-the-go as well!

price :$120 for 10 social media channel

Free trial : 14 days

Content structuring tools for Social Media

A content structuring tool is a software that helps in assigning keywords to the content of social media posts. These tools are used to help marketers and businesses understand what their target audience is looking for.

Content structuring tools are mainly used by digital agencies, but they can be also used by individual marketers and businesses. They can help them in creating relevant content on social media channels that they own.


Img source: Quuu

The tool has over 500 categories wherein you find content suggestions that are the most relevant to your niche. If you use Quuu Promote, your content will be suggested to other Quuu users following the same niche so they might share your content to their social network.

Quuu is a great option for your team if you don’t wish to spend time crafting and scheduling posts. You set Quuu to automatically share relevant content to your social accounts at specified intervals.

Quuu does not have a scheduling platform of its own, so it integrates with Buffer and HubSpot to publish content.

Price: $19

Free Trial: Up to 1 social profile


Img source: Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is a powerful tool that provides an in-depth analysis of the most popular content on the internet. It helps marketers and content creators find trending topics and identify what people are talking about.

Buzzsumo is a free website that allows users to search for specific keywords, websites, or social media channels to see how many times they have been shared or have been linked to from other websites.

Price: $179 for 10 users

Free Trial: 30 days

Social Media Analytics tools

Social media analytics tools are designed to help companies track their social media performance. These tools provide insights into how a company’s brand is performing in social media, which helps them make better decisions.

There are many Social Media Analytics Tools that are available online. Some of the most popular ones include Brandwatch, Radian6, and Sprout Social.

Brandwatch is a full service social media monitoring and analytics platform that provides a range of features such as heat maps, sentiment analysis, and keyword tracking. It also has an app for the iPhone or Android devices.

Audiense is a leading social media analytics tool that helps companies manage their social presence through an easy-to-use interface with widgets for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. It also offers email alerts and tracking capabilities for important metrics


Keyhole is a new app that connects your social media accounts to your email. It allows you to see all of your social media posts in one place and read them on a calendar.

The app is compatible with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Gmail. It also has a chat function for quick responses.

Keyhole is a smart way to keep up with what’s going on in the world around you while still being able to stay focused on work or school.

price:$199 for 3 users

Free trial: 30 days

Social media platforms supported: facebook, tiktok, instagram,twitter, linkedin and, youtube.


Audiense is a company that provides AI-based solutions to companies in the content industry. It is an AI that generates content for brands and companies.

Audiense has been able to generate over 50 billion words of text in just two years, which is equivalent to 5% of the entire internet. This generated content has been used by many leading brands such as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, General Motors, and Microsoft.

Audiense’s AI writing assistant can be used on a variety of platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and email.


Free trial:N/A


Brandwatch is a British digital marketing software company. It provides a platform for companies to monitor their brand’s performance and discover how it is being talked about on social media.

Brandwatch has been around since 2007 and has over 500,000 users worldwide.

The company was founded by Jon Reynolds and Daniel Jones in 2007, both of whom were graduates from the London School of Economics. They raised $1 million in seed funding from investors including Accel Partners, Index Ventures, Balderton Capital, Octopus Investments, and the founders of Skype.

The company was originally called Brandvigilance before changing names to Brandwatch in 2009. In 2016 it was acquired by Vista Equity Partners for £130 million ($180 million).


Free trial:14 days

Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that heavily relies on word-of-mouth promotion and has historically been difficult to measure.

Influencer marketing tools help to increase brand awareness and generate leads by leveraging influence from social media. They are also an effective way to collaborate with famous social media influencers to increase your reach of target audience.

There are many different types of influencer marketing tools like upfluence, ninja outreach, and social media managers.


Upfluence is a content marketing platform that enables users to create, manage and share content.

This is an alternative for businesses who are looking for a more efficient way to market their product or service. With the help of Upfluence, businesses can save time on creating and managing the same types of content over and over again.

Upfluence’s AI writers can generate relevant article ideas at scale with just one click of a button. The article suggestions are generated based on the keywords chosen by the user.

2)Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutreach is a content marketing platform that helps marketers generate leads and close sales.

The platform helps businesses by providing them with the right type of content to help them grow their business. It also provides training on how to use the platform effectively.

NinjaOutreach is a great tool for any marketer who wants to grow their business. Whether you are looking for new clients or just want your current clients to be more engaged, NinjaOutreach can help you do that.

Designing tools

The design of a tool is a combination of the user interface, visual appearance and the functionality. The design should be attractive enough for users to make them want to use it.

The design of a tool is not just about aesthetics. It is also about the ease of use and functionality that it provides to its users. It should also be easy to learn how to use and understand what each feature does so that people can get the most out of their experience with it.

It is important for designers not only focus on how things look but also on how they work or what they do. This allows designers to create tools that are intuitive, easy-to-use, and provide value for the user.


Canva is a online tool for creating infographics. It has both versions free and paid. It has all the necessary tools to make your work easier, including templates and graphics.

It is an online graphic design app that helps anyone create professional-grade graphics for their business in minutes. Canva makes it easy for content marketers to create graphics, infographics, and other images for social media posts, blog posts, and landing pages.

2)Poster on my wall

PosterMyWall is a one-stop online solution for all your graphic design needs. It is passionate about simplifying design and allowing anyone to create stunning graphics and videos without requiring any artistic skills.

PosterMyWall is known for HD quality downloads and also offers social media post templates including video for your Insta, FB and other social media marketing. Templates make designs for businesses, sports, events, gifts, retail promotions, concerts and much more


Animoto is a video-editing app that helps users create highly engaging videos. It allows users to quickly edit, add music, and share their videos on social media.

Animoto has been used by people all over the world to share their stories with friends and family. It is also a great tool for businesses who want to create videos for their websites or marketing materials.

The most unique thing about Animoto is that it makes it easy for anyone to make videos without having any previous experience in the field of video editing.

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media marketing tools allow businesses to reach a wider audience and grow their customer base.

The benefits of social media marketing tools are:

  • It allow businesses to reach a wider audience and grow their customer base.
  • Useful for create, share, and distribute content more efficiently.
  • They help you get the most out of your social strategy by providing insights into how your social presence is performing and also help you optimize your strategies for maximum ROI.

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