A Plan Of Attack For College Scholarships

With student loan debt and college tuition prices skyrocketing, scholarships are an invaluable tool for students. Unlike a loan, scholarships never have to be paid back. Scholarships are awarded by a number of different groups — including businesses, schools, charities, professional organizations, and the government. Here are a few crucial steps to follow to earn a college scholarship.

When you’re applying for a variety of scholarships, you can easily become confused about keeping deadlines in order. Stay on course by using a calendar or spreadsheet to organize important application dates. If you are working online include the title and link to the award, how much it’s worth, the deadline, and any requirements. Record this information on a shareable spreadsheet to help keep your parents informed on your progress.

Before applying for a scholarship, be sure to reread all the material and look for mistakes. Run spell and grammar check on the application or have someone you trust read your essays to catch any errors and offer feedback. If you’re recycling material — such as a cover letter — from another scholarship application, make sure you haven’t left any information for the previous application. For more information on how to prepare, organize, search and apply for college scholarships, see the accompanying infographic.

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